Irene and Eric Simon Brain Research Foundation (IESBRF) summer fellowships are being accepted now

The Irene and Eric Simon Brain Research Foundation (IESBRF) has been giving out summer fellowships in Neuroscience to bright, motivated students since 2005. This allows selected undergraduate and first year graduate or medical students to spend the summer receiving research training in outstanding Neuroscience laboratories in the USA. The goal is to encourage their interest in Neuroscience research in hopes that many of them will embark on career paths that involve brain research. Ideally, these bright young scientists will carry on the work of the current senior scientists, to find cures for serious brain disorders.The fellowships are possible due to donations as well as 3 fund-raising events.

 As of the summer 2018, we have given out 101 summer fellowships to very bright students, who did summer research in excellent laboratories all over the country. Many have expressed excitement about their experience, are going on for their PhD or MD/PhD in neuroscience and have decided or firmed up their decision to pursue careers in Neuroscience research. Some have been co-authors on important papers. 

The application must be postmarked by March 20, 2019. 

More information can be found on  

Applications Forms:

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