Postdoctoral Position in the lab of Dr. J. Leigh Leasure Alcohol, Exercise & the Female Brain University of Houston


Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position available to work on an NIH-fundedproject. The project involves using rodent models to 1) examine sex-dependent effectsof alcohol on brain and behavior, and 2) assess mechanisms of exercise-driven repair ofalcohol-induced brain damage.

• The project includes ethanol administration, behavioral testing, stereotaxicsurgery, confocal microscopy, in vivo electrophysiology and assessment of DNAmethylation.

• Other aspects of the position include data management and analysis, writingresearch papers and proposals, training graduate and undergraduate students, andpresenting data at scientific meetings.

• The position is full-time for 3 years. Salary is commensurate with experience, anda full benefits package is offered.

• Applications are welcomed from current PhD students who will have submittedtheir dissertations in the near future.

• Experience in stereotaxic surgery, epigenetics, and/or analysis of brain injury isdesirable.

• The preferred candidate will also have excellent quantitative and writing skills asindicated by letters of reference and publication record.

Further information and application instructions:

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