Call for contributed symposia – MNS 2019 Marrakech

The 7th Mediterranean Neuroscience conference that will be held in Marrakech (Morocco, 23-27 June 2019) is now accepting submissions for proposed symposia.

The confirmed keynote lectures will be:

  • Hagai Bergman (Israel): Computational physiology of the basal ganglia, theory and practice
  • Khalid El Allali (Morocco): Neurobiology of adaptations to the desert biotope, Lessons from camel and goat studies
  • Agnès Gruart (Spain): Learning and memory in behaving mammals
  • Yasmin Hurd (USA): A new dawn in cannabinoid neurobiology, the road from molecules to therapeutic discoveries
  • Vincent Prévot (France): When the hypothalamus says NO, a role for nitric oxide in fertility, olfaction and cognition
  • Carmen Sandi (Switzerland): Brain mitochondria in anxiety and stress-coping behaviors
  • Giorgio Racagni (Italy): Innovative aspects in the mechanism of action of antipsychotic drugs

Symposia dealing with all areas of neuroscience research are warmly invited, including, in particular, neuroscience topics which have not been traditionally covered in the past editions.

☞ Modalities for submitting a proposal

The symposium organizer should fill the dedicated online form with the following information:

  • Title of the symposium
  • Name(s) and address(s) of the organizer(s)
  • General abstract of the symposium describing the aims of the symposium (no more than 500 words)
  • Name, address and title of the presentation of each speaker (no abstracts are requested at this stage).

A typical symposium gathers 4-5 speakers, each addressing the general topic from a different perspective. Total allocated time is 2 hours per proposed symposium (linked symposia could be proposed, but their joint acceptance is not guaranteed, given our aim to increase thematic diversity).

The MNS strives to strengthen exchanges between Mediterranean neuroscientists, promote education in the neurosciences and increase public awareness of progress made. The participation of scientists from the South countries, whether as organizers of symposia or as speakers, is therefore highly encouraged. The gender ratio within each proposal will also be taken into account to reach a decision.

The MNS and its partners will provide a limited number of stipends for qualified young candidates (guidelines to be released soon). However the symposium proponents are invited to seek for funding for travel, accommodation and conference registration of the invited participants (MNS only offers the logistic support at the meeting venue).