Ramon Y Cajal drawings are now UNESCO World Heritage!

Just announced by UNESCO!

Documentary heritage submitted by Spain and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2017

Santiago RAMON Y CAJAL was a Spanish scientist that studied medicine and a professor providing substantial research on the nervous system. The Archives consist of a collection of scientific manuscripts, histological preparations (mainly of the nervous tissue), drawings (scientific and artistic), paintings (anatomical and artistic) photographs (scientific, artistic and portraits), correspondence (letters from and to several national and international scientists, as well as politics, writers, artists, etc.) books (both his publications and books from his library). These archives are essential to study the history of the discoveries and theories that conduct to the present comprehension of the human brain in its double aspect, anatomical composition (individual cells) and physiological properties (formation of circuits and nerve impulse propagation).

The Ramon Y Cajal archives are now part of the Memory of the World, a UNESCO program launched in 1992 to preserve and guarantee access to documentary heritage in various parts of the worlds, protecting against war, social upheaval, as well as lack of resources. Objectives of the program are: to facilitate preservation, by the most appropriate techniques, of the world’s documentary heritage; to assist universal access to documentary heritage; and to increase awareness worldwide of the existence and significance of documentary heritage.

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