Postdoc at ICM – Single unit and LFP analysis in human epileptic patients

The « EpiMicro » group, within the Pr Stephane Charpier’s team, at the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM) in Paris, is looking for a postdoctoral fellow to participate in a project on intracerebral recordings with macro and microelectrodes in epileptic patients. The ICM is a recently created institute focusing on basic and translational research in neuroscience and is located in the heart of Paris within the largest European hospital.

The general goal of this project is to improve knowledge on pathophysiology of epilepsy, in particular the interictal events and the epileptic seizures. With the development of intracerebral recordings with microelectrodes in our epileptic patients, we are now able since several years to perform continuous intracerebral recordings at different scales, from usual macroelectrodes to single neuron recordings, in the interictal period but also during seizures, in multiple intracerebral areas.

The main role of the position will be to perform electrophysiological analysis of intracerebral signals at different periods: during the interictal period and preictal period and to study the link with multiunit/single unit activities in cortical areas.

The doc /post-doc will be integrated in a multidisciplinary team including researchers, engineers, clinical electrophysiologists, neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons. He/she will receive a full assistance from an engineer for the data acquisition and storage. In addition, he/she will have inputs from several researchers/methodologists in signal analysis.

The candidate should have a PhD or equivalent in Signal analysis or Neuroscience related field. Expertise in signal processing and good analytical skills (MATLAB) are required, notably in spike sorting analysis. Since the analytic approaches needed for this study have been extensively developed and used in animals, previous experience in animal in vivo or in vitro experiments is a plus.

The starting date is November 2017. The proposition is for an initial period of 24 months with possible renewal. The competitive salary will be according to experience. The candidate will also have access to the French system benefits.

Keywords : intracerebral recordings, microelectrodes, epileptic patients, spike sorting

Thanks for forwarding a CV, a cover letter and names of 2 references to Pr Vincent Navarro