IBRO-Kemali/MNS School on Brain Connectivity and Connectomics

The IBRO-Kemali School on Brain Connectivity and Connectomics was held in September 14-22 2017 in Rabat (Morocco).

Co-organized by MNS, on behalf of the IBRO/Kemali Foundation, the school’s aim was to provide integrated theoretical perspectives and practical training in the study of neuronal connections and connectomics, progressing from the investigations of neuronal pathways to computational approaches, and from laboratory animals to man.
Favoring networking and bridges among students from all sides of the Mediterranean basin, the School provided high quality lectures and hands-on training on pathways and networks in the brain.
Topics include investigation of: micro-connectivity at the synaptic scale; anatomical connectivity at the mesoscale with conventional techniques (tract tracing) and their novel developments, together with their functional implications (e.g. pain processing, food intake regulation, cognitive functions) in rodents and non-human primates; structural, functional, and “effective” connectomics (neuroimaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroencephalography) at the macroscale in the human brain.

The organizers of the school were Prof. Marina Bentivoglio (University of Verona, Italy) and Prof. Marc Landry (University of Bordeaux, France), slocally supported by Prof. Nouria Lakhdar-Ghazal (University Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco). The MNS, in addition to helping establishing the scientific program also supported the event by delivering two travel stipends to promising students.

☛ The program of the school can be found here