MNS council and bylaws

The MNS is coordinated by a board of 10 council members among which an executive committee is selected, including a president, a general secretary, a treasurer (and their vice-persons). According to the MNS bylaws, 5 new councilors are elected by the general assembly held during the last Mediterranean Neuroscience Conference and remain in charge for maximum two consecutive terms of 2 years each (with a council thus fully renovated every two MNS conferences).

The current MNS Council and executive committee are composed by:

Liana FATTORE (president), University of Cagliari – CNR (Italy). Behavioural Science, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience of cannabinoid addiction, new psychoactive substances.
Giuseppe DI GIOVANNI  (vice-president), University of Malta (Malta). Pathophysiology of monoaminergic systems using electrophysiological and neurochemical approaches.
Sherine ABDEL-SALAM (general secretary), University of Alexandria (Egypt). Learning and dopamine system, regulation by microRNA, neuropathic pain, neurobiology.
Šimic GORAN (vice-secretary), University of Zagreb (Croatia), Neuropathology, neurology & translational neuroscience, emotion-cognition integration in the brain.
Saïd BOUJRAF (treasurer), University of Fez (Morocco). Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Diffusion-based Imaging, Neurological diseases, Cognitive neuroscience.
Marc LANDRY (vice-treasurer), University of Bordeaux (France). Balance between excitation and inhibition in the spinal cord and its role in pain, synaptic transmission and excitability.
Azza ABDEL-SELLAMI (Tunisian), cellular basis of cognition and behavior, hippocampus function, formation of memory.
Youssef ANOUAR, University of Rouen (France). Molecular neuroscience, neuropeptides, neuro-endocrinology, neuronal differenciation and communication.
Demian BATTAGLIA (webmaster), Aix-Marseille University – CNRS (France). Computational and theoretical neuroscience, information theory and network analysis
Patrizia CAMPOLONGO, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). Pharmacology and Toxicology, role of the endocannabinoid system in the modulation of memory and emotion
Ali JAHANSHAHI, Maastricht University (The Netherlands). Neurosurgery, neuroscience of tinnitus, stimulation and neuromodulation, technologies for drug delivery.
Radwa KHALIL (Egyptian), Jacobs University, Bremen (Germany). Computational Neuroscience, associative learning and epilepsy, decision making.
Olfa MASMOUDI-KOUKI, University of Tunis El-Manar (Tunisia). Cellular and molecular neurosciences, astroglial cells physiology, oxidative stress, neuropeptides.
Francisco OLUCHA BORDONAU, University of Jaume I, Castello de la Plana (Spain). Neuroanatomy, Medial septum control on cognitive and emotional function.
Amira ZAKY, University of Alexandria (Egypt). Neuroinflammation and neuroprotection, neurogenesis and neuropathic pain, cellular neuroscience.