NeuronLine is funded by the ERASMUS+ programme as a Strategic Parntership project (410 k€, 2015-2018). It aims to turn the former ISIS Master of Neuroscience [NB: the name has been changed recently to EMN-online, for obvious geopolitical reasons] into an e-learning programme. A large part of the existing courses is already available through a Moodle e-learning platform. The current project will achieve the changeover to an online international Master through the implementation of new tools and its adaptation to lifelong learning. These tools will offer a large array of various pedagogical modalities that will meet the diversity of learners. NeuronLine will make learners actors of their own education through developing their autonomy and independent learning. The integration of the former ISIS Master within an international consortium of 9 partners comprising the MNS and Universities in France, Poland Italy, Spain, and Sweden, will strengthen its attractiveness among students and professionals.