The NEUREN project ( aimed at implementing a joint research programme in the field of Neuroscience organized around researcher’s mobility (NEUREN project, Marie Curie Action – IRSES program, 2013-2017). NEUREN is based on an interdisciplinary consortium of 14 laboratories from 4 EU countries (France, Italy, Spain, Poland), 3 South Mediterranean countries, and 3 third-countries (USA, Australia, Canada). It covers a large scope of Neuroscience research topics from molecules to integrated physiology, associating basic, translational and clinical research, from bench to bedside. Partners show significant complementarities to cover all aspects of Neuroscience. Every institution brings its own technical and conceptual expertise to build a consortium of excellence, taking advantage of previous collaborations (N€uromed, ISIS) to exploit existing complementarity and synergy between partners. NEUREN therefore highly supports the current efforts to reach outstanding international research standards and contribute to develop poles of technical and scientific excellence that will become the reference for the South Mediterranean area. Integration of various research groups across the Mediterranean area will also further diversify everyone’s technical expertise and serve to aggregate powerful teams of well-trained researchers.